Calculating Agnihotra Times


The times at which Agnihotra is performed are clearly defined. It is sunrise and sunset. At these times, an exceptional kind of peace can be noticed, in nature which has a beneficial effect on our mind.

At sunrise and sunset, the sun and the earth's radius is at a 90 degree angle, whereby subtle energies are reaching earth in this area. In the Vedic scriptures, this is described as follows:

At sunrise, the many electricities, ethers and more subtle energies emanating from the sun extend to the earth and produce a flood effect at the coordinates where the sun is said to rise. The flood of life-supporting energy (prana) enlivens and purifies everything that is on its way - is causes all life to rejoice. During the sunrise, this can be heard as music. The morning Agnihotra mantra is the essence of this music.

At sunset, something similar happens; the energies just move back now.

To determine the exact Agnihotra times for your residence, you need a time table. The sunrise and sunset times from newspapers, calendars, etc. are not suitable because the times are defined differently here. For Agnihotra, the centre of sun should be at the horizon line; optical effects such as refraction should not not go into the calculation. This is the case with the special Agnihotra time programs.

We offer you the opportunity to determine the coordinates of your residence and to calculate, online, the times of sunrise and sunset for the current or a coming year.

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If you do not allow Google Maps, you can fill in geographic latitude and longitude at “2. Coordinates”. Example: 47.8569 and 9.2934 or -33.4488897 and -70.6692655




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